Tuesday, April 6, 2010

American Idol Season 9

So, have I lost the few people that actually checked out this blog with my little hiatus? I hope not or you would be missing this riveting review of the worst season of American Idol.

Whoops, did I just spoil the review? Oh well, there's no beating around the bush and anyone that has seen any of the episodes since we got to the top 12 is probably just nodding his or her head in agreement.

The taped early episodes showed some promise. People who are now in the top 12, like Andrew Garcia, showed potential to be front runners but have been disappointing. Looking at the season realisticly, there is only one person that is going to have a career after this and that's Crystal Bowersox. And, even then, I think she's terribly boring. (See pictures of all the contestants at http://www.americanidol.com/contestants/season_9.)

Don't get me wrong. She's incredibly talented and may make a great album but she just never wows me with anything different or exciting. Some might say that Michael Lynche of the bulging muscles has star potential. For me, dawg, he's just too theatrical and, while nice to listen to at times, I can't stand to look at the TV when he's on.

Everyone else in the top 12, and, yes, I'm including the screeching fan-favorite Siobhan Magnus and the the guitar-playing golden locked, Casey James are 15% good, 45% mediocre, and like 115% cringe inducing. Yes, that's 175%. On my blog I make my own percentages.

The judges aren't helping matters. They really pushed for the contestants to be daring and change up songs. I can see that both the judges and the producers want the next Daughtry, David Cook, or Adam Lambert moment where a well known song is taken and just thrown on it's head in a brilliant way.

It's just not happening this year. All attempts to manipulate songs are making the original version of the songs sound that much better and make the contestants look foolish for altering a classic.

I think the contestant with the most potential at being unique and standing out was ironically voted off the first week. Lacey Brown had a voice different from what you normally hear on the radio and if she had just picked the right song she'd be a frontrunner. Here's hoping a record label snatches her up.

The best thing to come out of this season? You see it right at the top. It's the Pants on the Ground guy. I can't wait to see him awkwardly perform his song at the finale. It will be tremendous. I hope they give him an orchestra.


  1. I miss Lacey!! :) (Awesome review by the way. You nailed it.)

  2. Meh. AA rots your brain and wastes your time. While reviewing grotesquely popular culture might increase your "viewership", it will only stunt your creativity, Kevin. Move along...nothing to see here.

  3. Great review. American Idol does in fact suck this year. I do enjoy Crystal though. Now do I want her to go for the win and be manipulated by AI or rather have her loose and put out an album closer to her true self.

    As for the "Pants on the Ground" guy ... well he is this season's William Hung.

  4. Interesting... and I have to agree we are more often disappointed by the choice of songs. Here in South Africa, the favourate is Crystal. Then again we enjoy American Idol, as it has far more talent than our local Idol shows we have seen in the past. South Africa is currently gearing up for the next season, and we always enjoy comparing the talent.

  5. I am impressed that South Africa is currently watching the latest American Idol!!!

  6. I agree on the choice of songs issue -- but I think this week's Beatles songbook was a much better showing than that of previous weeks... I too agree that Crystal is really the breakout talent this season-- she's got that Janis Joplin / Joni Mitchell vibe that I find super cool