Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Blind Side

Natasha hates football and she loved this movie. End of review.

A little more? OK. The basic story of  The Blind Side is based—some say very loosely—on a true story. Sandra Bullock's well-to-do southern family takes in a big-hearted and big boned African-American youth and gives him hope and a lesson or two in how to protect a quarterback from getting smothered by an all out blitz.

Sandra Bullock does a great job in her role and I can see why she garnered such attention during the award season. She really gets across how much she cares for her new family member and when she stands up for him against social prejudices I could feel the passion and really believe the performance.

The young actor playing Michael Oher didn't have a very demanding role. He did a good job of standing around and slumping his shoulders a lot but it was what the role called for and I can't fault him for that.

At the end of the day, this story is just another odd couple-type movie, but, this time, there's some good wholesome Christian values that drive the pairing. The awkward moments between the proper, blonde southern woman and the powerfully built black kid could have been painful to watch if acted differently or mismanaged by the director. They pull it off though and there are plenty of laughs and moments where you feel genuine pride in the decency of the family.


  1. Ha-ha-ha. What my husband forgot to mention is that I like most football movies and am a HUGE fan of Friday Night's just the real thing that is a little too stop-and-go for my taste. I have to agree though, this movie was great.

  2. Friday Movie Night and lights is made more valuable with Sandra giving it even more colour with her role play in this movie.