Monday, March 29, 2010

She and Him—Vol. 2

Zoey Deschanel can sing. This probably comes as no surprise to her family, friends, and most ardent fans. However, to the majority of people who mainly know her from movies such as Elf, Almost Famous, and 500 Days of Summer, I'm sure it will come as a shock that she is quite the accomplished singer.

Her voice is very clear and pure and just gives off good vibes. Many of the tracks on She and Him's second CD, Volume Two, could fit perfectly in another era of music like the 50s or early 60s. I can almost hear her singing Mr. Sandman.

The him in She and Him is M. Ward, an accomplished folk/indie performer in his own right. The production is pretty nice throughout and each track is different enough that while they all have an overall bouncy feel, each song stands on its own.

She and Him are two for two in my book. They've produced two great albums that I have no problem listening through from beginning to end. Now, if only we could get Deschanel away from this pesky acting thing, we might not have to wait a few years until the next album.

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  1. To be fair, if you saw Elf you would know that she can sing. That's the first time I ever heard her sing and, as a singer myself, I realized she was actually doing the singing and had a pretty good voice. I'd be surprised if she didn't pull a John Travolta and sing in most of her movies as Travolta has danced in his. I'll steal a couple songs and give a listen.